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Lean Funding

Lean Funding is a perfect companion for Lean Startups. It allows entrepreneurs to focus on individuals and interactions, customer collabo...

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3 Questions for Peter Morville about Intertwingled

Recently, I read the book Intertwingled, by Peter Morville. I liked it a lot! This was my tweet-size review:

Loved the stories and...

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Work-Life Fusion

Work-Life Fusion, not Work-Life Balance

Sometimes people ask me, “What do you mean with work-life fusion? How is that different from work-life balance?”



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How to Pick a Book Title

How to Pick a Book Title (in 7 Steps)

My third book is almost Done.

The working title for my new book was always Management Workout. I like it, because the metaphor of ...

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Work-Life Integration

Work-Life Integration Is Not a Goal

Recently someone told me that “work-life integration” is not desirable for most people because, as he repeated to me, nobody has ever...

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Work-Life Integration and Work-Play Balance

I don’t aim for work-life balance. I aim for work-play balance, based on work-life integration.

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The Meaning of Work

Do you seek a balance between work and life? Or is your meaning of work also the meaning of life? Abraham Maslow’s famous hierarchy of ...

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Why Blog?

Why should I blog? Why should you blog? When I started blogging (5,5 years ago) I did it because I wanted to publish a book. My blog help...

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Is Your Work an Expression of Your Life?

When people introduce themselves to others, they often deal with the question “What do you do?” And they answer it by saying, “I’...

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Old Ideas, New Words

Sometimes I am accused of re-iterating old ideas, and not adding much that’s new. They say my ideas are just old messages in new words....

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Management: A Deceptive Metaphor

The observation from scientists is that rules in a complex system must be tuned for the system to be both stabilizing, lively and creativ...

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The Do-It-Yourself Team Values Kit

Agile principles, Lean principles, Scrum values, XP values… Anyone who wants to guide and motivate a software development team seems to...

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